Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 5 Services to create your site without any professional experience in programming

Many young people find they will create their website or their blog own whether to target the dissemination of ideas and share them with others, can have the same interest like photographers and designers, or in some times for the goals of profitability and earning a physical, but a permanent standing in front of them impediment lack of experience in programming and coding, this appeared to many of the services that help owners of limited experience in the field of programming sites to build their own sites without writing a line nor a programmatic one. In this post we will look at the best 5 of these services and the most widely used.

1. Webydo
One of the best services in this area, characterized with simple interface and easy to use, there are many ready-made templates that you can modify them or you can design your site from scratch, there are all of the tools add widget, videos, images and flash files and supports interface design Site on computers and smartphones.

2. Wix

Of the most widely used services in this area, characteristic of this service is provided to designs and templates free of charge, as well as templates to support the latest concepts of development of sites such as HTML 5 and CSS3 as well as the interactive use of the available libraries such as jQuery ..

3. Yola

Service is the other, easy to use, available on the development environment based on html5, css3 and Javascript. Supports all of the computers and smart phones. As characterized by giving the right to establish an online store to sell products.

4. Jimdo

Service easy to use, allows the ability to create an online store selling products, and the development environment is characterized by last sites, as well as to raise the Seo of Alexa in Google, increase the number of ready-made templates.

5. Weebly

Service is very useful allow the establishment of other electronic store and supports computers and smartphones, and also contain dozens of ready-made templates, increasing the number of professional and slides icons.

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