Sunday, September 14, 2014

6 precautions must be taken before an upgrade for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the new system, Apple iOS 8

First, you should know that any major update to the system what is sensitive is not without risk, and this does not concern only computers, but also goes beyond it to smart devices, especially since the system iOS 8 private Juice Pack Air or iPad or iPod Touch will take close to their place in the our phones
Note: All precautions listed below are optional, except those that allow you to save the contents of your device. 

Compatibility with your system iOS 8: The first thing you should know is that the iPhone S4 and modern equipment can only get a system upgrade to iOS 8, and with respect to ipad only iPad 1 must be set aside. Also iPod Touch 5G can obtain the update.

Provide reasonable space on: iOS system requires more disk space for download, and is generally advised not to fill the memory device, in order to avoid the risk attached to the device when taking a photo or video. Try deleting programs, pictures and videos that you do not need them. 

Update before upgrading: You can not upgrade your device to iOS 8 system unless you update it, so in order to go to the settings the "General" and then "Software Update." On the other hand do not forget to update the software that you have on your device. 

iTunes in the latest versions: upgrade your device to iOS 8 can be done in two ways: first through Wi-Fi, and the second via iTunes that you downloaded on your computer. Make sure that the iTunes in the last versions via updated: go to Help and then search for the update. 
Images in safety: personal photos and images related to you precious for you, if you download it in the computer or saved in the external memory. 
Backup programs in iCloud and iTunes 

  The last step is perhaps the most important, and related to make a backup copy of your system and your data. You can make a backup through iCloud, if you have enough space on the disk. So in order to go to the settings: under the title of "iCloud" then "Storage and Backup" and "Backup Now".

You can also choose to backup through iTunes, cross-linking iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac. In the "Summary" tab, select the option "this computer" and then "save now."

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