Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How limit convulsions and raise the performance of the system while browsing

We all use browsers daily, as it is our portal the first to open up to the world of the Internet, and most of these programs famous firefox and Google Chrome controls the work of the central processor  and consume his abilities a lot, the thing that makes working with other programs while browsing difficult and tedious with frequent convulsions which lies to the Processor during his work, and perhaps one of the most browsers consuming computer resources is Google Chrome unlike Firefox, which is characterized as consuming less resources Computer dropped, especially Ram....

In today's blog post you will learn about a range of additions and programs that will help in minimizing the exploitation of computer resources while browsing, which may affect the overall performance of the system as it will work on the net and the system at the same time more smooth and comfortable.
Wise Memory Optimizer

Popular programs in the preparation of Ram and processed through IT retail, which helps to clean the memory well where it becomes possible to run office applications with ease without any cramps, which is unlike other programs that seek to reduce the rates of use Ram for a particular program, but the improved performance of Ram in general and is the best solution to run various programs associated with the consumption of huge computer resources without problems.

Program was created specifically to inform the user to use the software on the ratios of memory, but it contains a set of special functions to reduce the rates of use of the ram, the thing that makes use of more than one program while browsing possible.

Program is very clever, it does not reduce the rates of Ram directly but rather the contrary, it is the structuring and improving databases for these programs (Firefox, Chrome, Skype) and reduces the speed of the use of databases, so we need to use to raise the speed again, the thing that does not affect on fast browsing Balent not on the browser software in general, improves the terms of use in full and not in part, the thing that makes the most of the programs mentioned in this list.

Program is very light also help to better exploitation of memory and computer resources in general, the advantage of being lightweight compared with the size of its effectiveness, a large special programs Firefox browser.

Still there are a range of other programs, but this was the best and according to my personal experience I found that the program Wise Memory is best, followed by the program of SpeedyFox smart and their simultaneous use is one of the best options and the best of them due to the integration of their modus operandi, private, and if you are available on the Ram above the per-GB , where the performance of the system will become a much better year, despite the tremendous pressure caused by browsers, the thing that makes it work with other programs while browsing things  
Note: regarding preparation programs and the reduction of memory use ratios dropped, especially Wise Memory Optimizer- program must put attention to the percentage by more than half as shown in the (first picture) the thing that makes it work more smoothly from the program .don cramps

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