Saturday, June 15, 2013

Google launches Internet balloons!

Google launches Internet balloons!

In an attempt to provide Internet service in whole world, the giant search engine Google,launched  last week a huge balloons in the Stratosphere the atmospheric to be an easy way to provide service.

From an ice field central South Island in New Zealand, Google launched these transparent balloons , that are like  jellyfish. And after the launch balloons turned into something like a pumpkin during the rise in the blue sky above Tekapo Lake .

It takes to launch the balloons eighteen months of work on what Google calls "color Project" And these transparent  balloons radiate and filled with helium gas, Internet waves to Earth while flying in the air.

However, these balloonswere in its pilot phase, it is the first of thousands of which leaders Google are hoped  eventually released into the atmosphere, and that to bridge the digital divide between about 4.8 billion people have no access Internet service and about 2.2 billion others have access to the Internet.

And the founder of the project Richard Difol says : "Two thirds of the world's population, or about 4.8 billion people do not have the right to the Internet now., Some of whom live in remote areas, but some of them already living here in New Zealand, and we believe that the project can play a major role in linking many of these people not connected to the Internet. "

If it is successful, this technology may allow countries to bypass the cost of laying fiber cables, which increases the rate of Internet use in places such as Africa and South East Asia significantly.

And the project leader explains , Mike Cassidy, how people on the ground receives  Internet service, saying: "For a person on the ground uses color service will need a small antenna like a baseball's size on the side of his house, and then connect the antenna to PC, and enters on the Internet from the air quickly of the third generation. "

Charles Nemo was a farmer and owner of one of the projects in the small town of Weston, in New Zealand, the first person to receive Internet service via Google balloons. Nemo was between fifty of the town's people who applied for the test of the project.

Technicians went to the homes of volunteers and immobilized in the outer walls red shiny antennas and at a basketball's size . Nemo was able to access the Internet for about fifteen minutes before that the balloon exceed  which broadcast this service area.

Google's balloons is flying in the sky high  where you can not see with the naked eye, and is powered by solar panels that electrical discharges gathered in four hours and hangs beneath, enough to supply energy for the entire day, with balloons flying around the planet amid the wind.

Each balloon provides Internet service to area larger than twice the size of New York City, or about 1250 kilometers square , and  terrain do not constitute an obstacle.

There are a lot of problems in this context, such that anyone uses the Internet service of Google balloons  will have to get the antenna is connected to your computer to receive the signal.

I love Google.

Google launches Internet balloons 
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