Monday, June 10, 2013

Amazon re-ask apparatus DX Kindle Fire tablet at $ 299

It seems that the existing management at Amazon discovered that its Tablet Kindle DX still had some life to live, so the revival of this e-reader screen 9.7-inch e ink without a formal declaration.

 Just in case you're wondering, the word "revival", the Amazon Kindle DX-off which was submitted for the first time in 2009 – quietly sometime in late 2012.

 Thus is brought back to life definitely has the faith of the Amazon have this tablet, though there is no tablet on the home page of Amazon's Kindle tablet, and once again it's up to the sales at Amazon.

Is it possible that the company is trying to unload warehouses? Perhaps, given the price of the Kindle DX, which is now at $ 299, $ 80 price declines last year.

 Other options include Tablet Kindle 79 dollars for the Tablet Kindle fire measure 6 inches and 214 dollars per Tablet Kindle fire measure 7 inches, but if you are targeting a larger display screen Kindle DX 9.7 fire, it's hard to beat him in the midst of these downloads for less than $ 299. Perhaps the Amazon by targeting back-to-school season in late summer, so offering these eBooks from readers without much fanfare. 

The company seems to repeat the process to reduce prices by introducing some of its Tablet low price like this? This is a qualitative leap in the Tablet market, with Amazon through this typical competition in pay other companies to reduce the prices of tablet to transform it. The company has already cut the price of the original 7 inch HD tablet from $ 199 to $ 159.

It has also reduced the price of its least popular tablet device "Kindle fire 8.9 inch HD" from $ 299 to $ 269. In the end, if we consider the reduction in price is some kind of competition, it's probably useful competition for both parties: the company and the user.

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