Saturday, July 19, 2014

Learn about the dangerous spy machine "CreepyDOL" to collect data about people from anywhere and converte it to three-dimensional world

Technological progress is a mainstay of the spy, and thus all the technology has Huge abilities will be subservient to spy and this proved it the story of the cat and mouse between the National Security Agency and the traitor Edward Snowden and revelations of the enormous possibilities and Technology available to the agency to spy on the world , Yes, it is spying on you and every one else. but this is not our topic in this article, I loved in this thread that get you closer to some of very dangerous  spy machines  most of you did not hear about, not for the National Security Agency or other, it is the invention of a young man spent him a few bucks can then monitor the entire neighborhood or anywhere he wants to extract all the information and data.

"Brendan O’Connor" A security researcher in addition to being the founder of a consulting company called "Malice Afterthought", who is also a student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, 27 years old when he invented a dangerous spy system he called a  CreepyDOL and means "Creepy Distributed Object Locator", depending on the construction of some small plastic boxes and some sensors including the Wi-Fi adapters and then a group of computers Raspberry Pi small size that are running Linux does not cost each and every one of them more than $ 60.

And connect these funds to the console command and control system, where the process of data visualization is monitoring the sensors pick it from the wireless traffic emitted from each Wireless  device in nearby areas including smartphones and then embodying to three-dimensional map.

He has produced 10 copies of these and thought to use it on himself but he shocked about its ability to capture a large amount of information and data including browsing, calls, passwords, messages, and others. Then, the system collects all this data and then send him encrypted and then send it to him self through tor.
After that the system starts to create personal files "profiles" for people who has watched and then puts it on the three-dimensional map showing their faces and their identities and then the real places and their movements over time.

With this dangerous spy system you can not escape it, Imagine that you can spy on everyone just put sensing  boxes small everywhere, cafes, streets, buildings, Without anyone noticing and can also help in the identification and collection of data the crowd in a demonstration, for exampleز

This was the information that I was able to get it and it is one year age but could not get information like buying this invention by a specific organization or whether it is produced by a specific destination, but I read in one of the news sites that it has been developed and used with small drones to spy on some areas.

Now we have 3G and 4G services on the planes

Good news for users of the plane of the French citizens, as it has been approved to allow the airlines to service the 3G and 4G on the planes in french, And after the approve decision that the regulatory authority for electronic communications and postal "ARCEP" announced. And which provides for the availability of 3G and 4G services in addition to the 2G service which has been available since 2008.

However, these services  comes with  following conditions  like minimum altitude of 3000 meters in addition to the ratio of 1800 Mhz frequencies for 2G and 4G, and here remains the biggest beneficiary is the telecommunications company "Bouygues" As for the 3G it requires 2100 Mhz frequency range and is offered by all companies French Connection.

As stated in the text of the law on each airline to choose the right service to them, and to start legal proceedings to do so.

Waiting to provide all planes with this wonderful service.

Self-driving cars may constitute a danger to security

There is no doubt that the development of different technologies contribute to make the user's life much easier and simpler, which is exactly what can be said about the new self-driving car, which is still on probation, but it seems that security fears may hinder the development of this project in the future.

And Self-driving car is the latest developments in the automotive world, especially smart ones, this new type of vehicle which will contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents, as it will help people with special needs have access to their own cars and drive it safely and that was not available in past.

According to the news paper "The Guardian", a new report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) talked about the features of this kind of self-driving car, but at the same time warned of some potential drawbacks to this new innovation, as some criminals may succeed in hacking automotive systems and control them for criminal purposes, as it can be converted to even suicide cars, which may serve the interests of some criminal organizations.

It seems that this case is a candidate for developments in the coming days, a case quite similar to the reservations faced by the project drones of  Amazon e-commerce.