Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Site to check the specifications of your device and learn its ability to play games pre-loaded

Everyone suffers from these problems that we face when installing games, and that was due to the inability of the components of a computer from carrying games how what kind. Today offer you this site, which scans your computer to see the games compatible with pre-installed Will will work well or not, depending on the specifications Computer and its ability to respond to those games.

Microsoft unveils Windows logo 9 by mistake

Top 5 Services to create your site without any professional experience in programming

Many young people find they will create their website or their blog own whether to target the dissemination of ideas and share them with others, can have the same interest like photographers and designers, or in some times for the goals of profitability and earning a physical, but a permanent standing in front of them impediment lack of experience in programming and coding, this appeared to many of the services that help owners of limited experience in the field of programming sites to build their own sites without writing a line nor a programmatic one. In this post we will look at the best 5 of these services and the most widely used.

How to makesure of the credibility of any site on the internet profit in a few seconds

A lot today marketed to the idea of ​​profit from the Internet and make it a source of work and livelihood for him, but this is even though he may be a positive thing, but a lot of these sites and the companies have lack of credibility, which may lead to reduced, especially if you intend to use these sites and investment in this area, so In order to ensure the validity of these sites and companies there are a lot of sites from which you can discover the profitability of these sites are sites redress or not.

How limit convulsions and raise the performance of the system while browsing

We all use browsers daily, as it is our portal the first to open up to the world of the Internet, and most of these programs famous firefox and Google Chrome controls the work of the central processor  and consume his abilities a lot, the thing that makes working with other programs while browsing difficult and tedious with frequent convulsions which lies to the Processor during his work, and perhaps one of the most browsers consuming computer resources is Google Chrome unlike Firefox, which is characterized as consuming less resources Computer dropped, especially Ram....

Convert torrent links directly supports the completion free!

Torrent is a way to download files based on file-sharing between users and is used to lift large files relatively hard-filed on the servers, where this method have a role in overcoming the process of lifting large files and also ensure you do not delete your files or expired, but nothing wrong with the torrent In the download is slow sometimes does not exceed the download speed by "ko / s 10" fast throughput compared to the net, it is very slow.

How to create games for smart phones without being familiar with the world of programming

Google Play is crowded with applications of different games and miscellaneous games large and complex even simple games and small size and requirements, and perhaps the latter is known huge success  in recent years, breaking the major gaming hacks and very sophisticated, for example game flappy bird that must you have heard about it before, of course, the game has been huge successful  despite primitive design, but the idea won the admiration of millions of lovers from different parts of the world, the number of downloading it is 50 million download, and became the yield on its owner (Dong Nguyen) millions of dollars, since the various sources of income for developers of such games is reflected in the regular ads and pop-up ads to add customized.

Viber launches free video calls on smartphones

Shortly after the acquisition of the application Viber recently by the company (nippon Rakuten) compared to 900 million dollars, began the latter to do a series of changes in order to bring this application users, and perhaps the people of these changes are announced from the fact that the Viber will provide service calls video on smartphones for free on Android and iOS

Sunday, September 14, 2014

6 precautions must be taken before an upgrade for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the new system, Apple iOS 8

First, you should know that any major update to the system what is sensitive is not without risk, and this does not concern only computers, but also goes beyond it to smart devices, especially since the system iOS 8 private Juice Pack Air or iPad or iPod Touch will take close to their place in the our phones

Learn techniques and methods used by hackers to penetrate Wi-Fi

And now we know both how the hacker hacked Wi-Fi and protection of these ways: 

* First: Using Windows: - 

Roads that are used in Windows novice hackers so they are very dangerous because any tyro can exploit 
And methods of Windows: - 

The first method: the so-called WPS injection, which exploit the property of the WPS was open in the router Valhakr can easily to enter the Wi-Fi your if you Enabled property of the WPS and the piece through only two first brings the hacker the Pin private b WPS, for example, one of the tools and doing this the pin connection through a smartphone or a tool of windows..save of this method, you must disable WPS in router..so we will Explain how disabled. 

The second method: This method is indirect and is based on ip 

You must know that your IP will be very close to any of my neighbors, especially if the same company as the Internet .. hacker doing my scope of any region .. How? For example, your IP is hacker. hacker who shall work domain, for example, the range to 111,111,111,255 and doing a population on this scale is known for its open IPS Port 80 using a single Windows tools .. I mean tool scans all ABC of 111.111. 111.0 to 111,111,111,255 and graduated hacker every ip Open by Port 80 everything he does hacker to enter for IP Using the browser opens a panel log on if the owner of the router does not change it will Filter Results admin and password admin and there are sites offering login data essential for each Rutter For example, this famous site: routerpasswords.com and will be explained in detail just choose the type of router, which gives you the data is often the formation of admin and admin .. if you changer password found in most of the router loophole rom-0 .. What ?

we will guess that any victim who shall hacker Status / rom-0 becomes if the file was downloaded router hacker takes an infected file and bump on this site shows him your password router . 

How to protect yourself from this method: 

  First, you should change the main password for your router 

In order to change the password answer the Default Gateway via the cmd to open the run and then start to write the cmd

 Black screen will be shown you write ipconfig

And looking for the word Default Gateway IP address you will find next to Bacon often

Opened in the browser asks you username and password

If you do not change beforehand can come to them from this site

routerpasswords.com تحدد نوع الروتر وتضغط find password

Data will be shown if it failure you have to reset router 

It is a very small button in the router if you press it, God willing, you can repeat entry .. and after login looking for the word Management and asks you to put the old password and then put the new password twice ..now you changed router password. 
  And also to disable the WPS not doing all this for the intervention to the Control Panel to disable the router and look for them in the settings of your Wi-Fi....

The loophole rom-0, you must change the username to enter because this loophole gives the hacker password only 
Most devices do not support changing the router username must change by kali linix or backtrack

Will be developed to explain the inauguration of kali linix as a placebo on Windows 


First open Altremnal and writes the nmap

And replace the IP address of the Default Gateway to your router and then wait a little appears this window

Port must be 23 private b telnet open 

Then write telnet 
And of course replaced IP b Default Getaway 

This window appears for you

you write the password and click enter

You will see the type of router shown in white LS is recorded and then pressing Inter sys pressing Inter 

Then write sys adminname john

 replace john with the name that you want

Shown in red in the picture indicates that the user name was changed to the new name that we have chosen 

Thus, we can access the modem settings that name + No one can enter into the settings of the modem, even got the file rom-0 because it does not contain the name of the user. 

The third way: - 

Trick is considered a fatal error in the result of Windows system 

The hacker network making false (fake) network, which is similar to the victim, but puts no password 

Which occurs when the victim to the real network disappear as a result of error in Windows .. "This bug is fixed in Windows 7 and 8" 

It will appear when the victim's network again a replica of the real network ... after the victim's link with the phantom network, has fallen into the trap .. because the hacker will pierce through his computer and pulls Mitasploat password repository in the Registry in the victim's computer 
To protect against this trick .. you should beware of false networks and avoid Windows XP. 

Ways penetration systems and linux distro WiFislax: - 

This road is one of the most powerful kinds of ways to penetrate the Wi-Fi. 
Systems linux widely used in penetration testing is the most important of these regimes system backtrack, which was built on Ubuntu and then been re-built on Debian and dubbed kali linux and is one of the best distributions in penetration testing and protection and there are plenty of tools who specializes in decoding encodings Wi Fi

The distribution WiFislax are concerned only decode Wi-Fi, a very strong distribution where has the tools that lead all the functions needed by the hacker in decoding encodings Wi-Fi

All of these distributions hacker help in the work of the sniffer devices .. What is the sniffer? 

When Wi-Fi is penetrating your hacker can stand intermediary between you and the Internet you can that pulls you enter passwords that were not encrypted .. and can steal your bank account if you do buy its way 
Has been to explain how this client in the Code of Professional before .. therefore you must protect your Wi-Fi 

Method of protection from penetration by Wi-Fi linux distributions and WiFislax? 

1 work Basord too complex for Wi-Fi because most of these tools are a guess on the network "to be a number of characters and many blend between large and small letters, symbols and numbers." 

2 Use WPA2 encrypted as we have said previously they encrypt the suffering of any other. 

3 change your password periodically and follow-up callers to your network so you know that was impenetrable. 

This is because there is no direct way to protect from breaking the encryption

Best navigation applications and GPS for free for andriod phones

Many of us traveled to many places may not know the state that travels to them any that he did not live by it coming for tourism only, but does not know the streets and places, so I liked to share with you some of the applications of the navigation GPS brilliant and free as well as the applications that I will present you you-tested and is frankly pretty easy to use.