Monday, June 10, 2013

How to disable screen rotation in Kindle Fire HD tablet

The Kindle Fire HD 
 of the wonderful tablets that Amazon launched it last year, which was an impressive success by sales gains in global markets where it is good specifications and comes at an attractive price up to $ 199 with technical support and continuous developmental from Amazon.

And of the default options in Kindle Fire HD tablet, which is found enabled by default are the screen rotate feature where when you rotate the tablet from both the longitudinal or transverse shape, it is rotate the screen automatically to correspond with the way taking the device in the user's hands.

The fact that this feature will be troublesome for the readers of the books on this 
  or for surfers Web sites,for who looking for a way to disable screen rotation in tablet Kindle Fire HD.

- Passed from the top to the bottom of the screen to show Notifications alerts screen and click on the icon Lock / Unlock

You can do this to make the Display Screen either longitudinally or accidental, according to your choice and your needs

How to disable screen rotation in Kindle Fire HD tablet
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