Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Now we have HTC Desire 200.

Now we have HTC Desire 200.

Today, HTC announced about the phone HTC desire 200, which comes with an interface HTC sense distinctive and generally modest specifications and price to be appropriate for those who wish to get a smartphone specifications acceptable and good price for limited income.

the new iPad with iOS 7.

the new iPad with iOS 7.

After nearly two weeks of revelation apple about the first beta version of the IOS 7, was the focus for everyone in the form of the system on iPhone, 

Price and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note N8000.

This is the full specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note N8000

Monday, June 17, 2013

China build the fastest computer in the world.

China build the fastest computer in the world.

A Chinese company Announced produce high-tech computers today (Monday) that China has once again manufacture the fastest computer in the world, is able to do about 86 to 33 quadrillion proccess in second, surpassing U.S. Speed Computer "Titan".

Confirmation: Samsung plans to launch a new version of the mobile phone s4.

Confirmation: Samsung plans to launch a new version of the mobile phone s4.

Samsung confirmed today that it will launch a new copy of mobile phone galaxy s4 this would be mean the is the first phone in the world that supports "LTE-A" or abbreviation of "LTE-advanced" and therefore Samsung intends to raise the higher speed for fourth-generation services.

This technology for coming networks provide higher speeds than current fourth generation and the next phone will be Qualcomm processor to be compatible with new networking technology, unfortunately, there is no other information, we must wait.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Google buys the second quantitative computer in the world.

Google buys the second quantitative computer in the world.

Google Cooperate with space agency NASA in purchase quantitative second computer available in the world of Canadian company name "d-wave",

Production of the first transparent plane in the world.

 Airbus company reveal the latest Future Projects industry which is a generation of passenger planes made of materials fully transparent 

Out of "PlayStation 4" from Amazon

Out of "PlayStation 4" from Amazon

Exhausted all available quantity of a copy of the "PlayStation 4 ", most prominent opponent of the Microsoft "XBOX", on Amazon.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Google launches Internet balloons!

Google launches Internet balloons!

In an attempt to provide Internet service in whole world, the giant search engine Google,launched  last week a huge balloons in the Stratosphere the atmospheric to be an easy way to provide service.

Nokia unveils new smart phone with metal structure

Nokia unveils new smart phone with metal structure

Nokia unveiled on metal model lighter  of the smart phone lumia coming with trying to keep up with Samsung and Apple.

MSI reveal the price of the laptop GE40.

MSI reveal the price of the laptop GE40.

all know that MSI has all the possibilities for a fierce rival in the notebook sector devoted to games, especially as it offers a combination between strength and competitive price.

The second generation of the Nexus 7 will come in next July for $ 229.

The second generation of the Nexus 7 will come in next July for $ 229.

According to DigiTime it seems that the second generation of the device Nexus 7 on the way to us very soon, and specifically next July, God willing, For 229 USD.

"IBM" plans to lay off a number of employees to reorganize

IBM decided to lay off a number of unspecific number of employees this week while the company focused on the most important markets in the tech industry. 

Samsung launches "Galaxy camera 2" next Thursday.

Samsung announced its intention to launch a new version of "Galaxy Camera", bearing the name "Galaxy Camera 2",

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google confirms purchase application "Louise" for road maps

Internet services company confirmed American giant Google Tuesday to buy the application of traffic information online Louise after competing companies Facebook and Apple. Louise service allows drivers to exchange traffic information and road conditions online.

Phone and computer in a single device for Acer

Taiwanese Company Acer Launched , Wednesday, device "Alfablat" series combines the advantages of the smartphone and tablet computer efficiency.

Dell announces three laptops from Alienware series

Dell unveiled on Tuesday for 3 laptops belong to Alienware series . That was within the activities of the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

Xbox One will be available for $ 499 next November

During the keynote address at the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced Monday that the Xbox One  will be available to the public in November at $ 499 USD.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

last 11-inch MacBook Apple Air gets big battery support

Apple updated its MacBook Air line now at WWDC, and we got our hands on the latest 11-inch Air to start reviewing. Stay tuned for all of that soon, but for currently here are the details.

Xbox One vs. PS4

If the console wars between PlayStation and Xbox had been languishing the last little weeks, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) media presentations by Sony and Microsoft launched gamers back into the fight.

Apple's Music Streaming Service minor Than Anticipated


Now to a new focus in tech. Today, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference launched in San Francisco. The company made a slew of announcements: Further MacBooks, a further operating classification, and the the majority anticipated broadcast - Apple's application into the streaming song bazaar with iTunes Radio. But as NPR's Laura Sydell reports, many analysts are underwhelmed.

Network Locations sites in Windows 7: A comparison between home, work and public network

If you have a laptop and uses it in many networks, either your home or the operation of the company where you work or maybe a public square with an Internet connection, you should set the firewall security settings appropriate to the type of network you are connected to and this provides you with Windows 7 so you are guaranteed a greater level of protection both when you are connected to the Internet at work or at home or abroad.

Lenovo intends to enter servers technology field and the are still interested in the personal computers market

The Chinese company Lenovo put its sights in new business areas such as servers and smart phone market, according to CEO Yang Yuanqing of the company despite its adherence to the vision and promising in the personal computing industry.

make the main picture of Bing search engine your screen lock for windows 8

If you have Windows 8 and would like to make a screen lock for your computer take mainly variable whenever the image of major Bing search engine then you must follow the steps that will help you no doubt that this explanation is fully compatible with both Windows 8 and Windows RT:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Samsung Bumps fast

The world’s main smartphone maker these days motto its horses fall by 6.2 percent like banks downgraded the horses on concerns with the purpose of Samsung Electronics (005930) possibly will promote to simply several billion dollars this day, as divergent to a kajillion.

Sales of the company’s flagship Galaxy S4 control slowed, say analysts. Taking part in the meantime, Samsung is readying less significant and more stripped-down versions of its all the rage smartphones. These less-expensive models will probably play well in increasing markets, but the profits earned on them will be less significant.

To understand what’s available on now, it’s weighty to remember two things. First, the international smartphone bazaar does not resemble the solitary in the U.S., somewhere phones are subsidized by the carriers. The definite outlay of a GS4 or iPhone is north of $600, but carriers will promote you solitary in support of $199 as they more than promote to up the difference in monthly charges finished the two years on your contract. Everywhere in addition, you disburse plump cargo, but you don’t control multi-year contracts.

The go along with phenomenon is with the purpose of the majority of the growth in smartphones is not available to come about in the U.S. “We’re getting to the finish of the firstly time of the growth in smartphones, particularly in the U.S.” says Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis. “Everyone who wants solitary has gotten solitary.” collectibles, India, and other huge-but-developing nations will be mature in support of contemporary sales. That process it’s critical in support of smartphone makers such as Samsung (and Apple (AAPL) and the others) to promote to phones with the purpose of will promote in Shaanxi Province, not merely on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street.

According to the Gartner Group, a bazaar researcher, sales of smartphones were relatively even in the firstly quarter of 2013, while sales in Asia rose 6.4 percent. Collectibles specifically motto its mobile-phone sales operate up 7.5 percent. It without hesitation accounts in support of almost 26 percent of all mobile sales, up two percentage points since the same epoch stay fresh day.

If you’re available to be competitive in markets like collectibles, you control to plunge the cost of what did you say? You’re selling—partly as international consumers are exceedingly price-sensitive, with veto carrier subsidies to lessen the blow, and partly as Chinese manufacturers will build something cheaper if you don’t. That’s available to cause profit margins to get smaller. “Samsung makes with a reduction of profit than Apple, for each phone. Chinese manufacturers promote to even with a reduction of,” says Asymco analyst Horace Dediu. “Is with the purpose of 20 percent margin available to evaporate?”

Since Samsung has been to Nokia (NOK), Motorola (GOOG), and Sony Ericsson—moving sooner, making things cheaper—so, too, possibly will Chinese makers such as Huawei and Lenovo (992) be to Samsung. Samsung can still promote to high-end flagship models with the purpose of garner the majority of press and attention, but the mid-and-low finish of the bazaar will ultimately befall commodified and taken finished by low-cost manufacturers. But so therefore, Samsung knows this. That’s why it’s pouring billions of dollars into such higher-margin businesses as wellbeing charge and solar power: The fill with tears is rising and the company is seeking top ground.

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How to disable screen rotation in Kindle Fire HD tablet

The Kindle Fire HD 
 of the wonderful tablets that Amazon launched it last year, which was an impressive success by sales gains in global markets where it is good specifications and comes at an attractive price up to $ 199 with technical support and continuous developmental from Amazon.

Fujitsu unveils UH90 / L thinnest laptop in the world

Not many days after the announcement of Samsung's funoon WQXGA + with resolution 3200 x 1800 and expanded the gap between them and the laptop makers that preceded the ritina and screens MacBook Pro with 2560 x 1600. 

Amazon re-ask apparatus DX Kindle Fire tablet at $ 299

It seems that the existing management at Amazon discovered that its Tablet Kindle DX still had some life to live, so the revival of this e-reader screen 9.7-inch e ink without a formal declaration.

Apple’s WWDC, a lots of Updates but no Surprises

Apple (AAPL) spoke to members of its developer area next to the company’s 24th yearly Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. The high-tech giant unveiled a music-streaming service called iTunes Radio, contemporary versions of its MacBook Air laptops and Mac Pro desktop, contemporary operating systems in support of the Macintosh and iPhone, and a simplified, flashier design with the purpose of will span all of its products and services.