Thursday, June 13, 2013

Phone and computer in a single device for Acer

Taiwanese Company Acer Launched , Wednesday, device "Alfablat" series combines the advantages of the smartphone and tablet computer efficiency.

The agent of the company said  in Dubai that the device Liquid S1 comes with a large screen size 7. 5-inch HD.

And pulsing inside the device fast quad-core processor 5. 1 GHz, which runs the Android operating system version 4.2, known as "Jelly", with the possibility of installing two SIMs for it.

They can see their files wirelessly with "Acer cloud files" , as well as access to files wirelessly from desktop computers of their own, using the program "Acer Remote Files".

The device contains a set of advanced and useful applications that will enhance the productivity of labor, and to achieve the maximum degree of entertainment while on the go, such as the "AutoProfile".

AutoProfile support works on predefined network settings when you visit certain sites frequently, when you used to visit the same site again, the device Liquid S1 will automatically to move to the settings stored.

The process includes modifying the settings determine the degree of screen brightness, volume and frequency, in addition to the communications network is determined by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and third-generation wireless networks 3G.

Phone and computer in a single device for Acer

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