Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Site to check the specifications of your device and learn its ability to play games pre-loaded

Everyone suffers from these problems that we face when installing games, and that was due to the inability of the components of a computer from carrying games how what kind. Today offer you this site, which scans your computer to see the games compatible with pre-installed Will will work well or not, depending on the specifications Computer and its ability to respond to those games.

Site named system requirementslab This is the main interface:

How to use the site are as follows:
1 after the access to the site (link below entry) we are clicking on the box in rural and we typing the name of the game or selected from the drop-down menu.

2 We then clicking on the blue box.

 this interface will show you, which says that the site is doing research in computer components and compares them with the requirements of the game. To choose the first you will need to install the "JavaScript" and you can download from the link you provided by your site (which is the best way), or download the application site.

The site then displays a sign with your computer specifications (yes or no ) in front of each component fits with the game, or vice versa (picture shows the result):

the link

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