Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Convert torrent links directly supports the completion free!

Torrent is a way to download files based on file-sharing between users and is used to lift large files relatively hard-filed on the servers, where this method have a role in overcoming the process of lifting large files and also ensure you do not delete your files or expired, but nothing wrong with the torrent In the download is slow sometimes does not exceed the download speed by "ko / s 10" fast throughput compared to the net, it is very slow.

For this I chose you in this post sites to convert torrent to link directly to bear on your favorite show in loading and very quickly depending on throughput net your not a FileStream The advantage of this site, and that impressed me that he does not have a finite size of the file to be downloaded as a Zbigz site , for example, is free for files that capacity over 1 GB.

To use the site you must Register first by clicking on the Sign Up and register in the usual way: agree to the terms, and then fill in the data, and then activate the account.

After registration Login to your account on the site will show you this page.

Click on the Upload Torrent or Add Links and will raise the file and convert it to a direct link, this will appear after the download button next to the file, click on it and select the server that you want to experience the best of two server even know whichever is faster.

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