Sunday, September 14, 2014

Best navigation applications and GPS for free for andriod phones

Many of us traveled to many places may not know the state that travels to them any that he did not live by it coming for tourism only, but does not know the streets and places, so I liked to share with you some of the applications of the navigation GPS brilliant and free as well as the applications that I will present you you-tested and is frankly pretty easy to use.

SYGIc application does not say that one of the best navigation apps is better navigation applications where high quality maps displays and stores the maps on the phone for use if it is not available on the Internet in addition to the normal functions of the navigation applications to choose the ways and follow the path and others. Wonderful things as the application you the guidance and voice alerts issued to you, of course, but the application is available only for 7 days but there is a free copy of lifelong Sheikh on Google you can search there....

Application (coPilot) is a wonderful application also beautiful but not like the existing application initially applied coPilot application is easy to use , the application provides you with maps that can be played downloaded on your phone and stored on a memory to be used in case lack of Internet you have in the phone also allows you application with the participation of your site with your friends via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, note my friend application is free to choose the first map only after that you have to register.

Application MapFactor is a free application for the andriod devices which is one of the best navigation applications and maps the application to review a large number of maps for many countries around the world and provides warnings sound a like navigation applications other it supports the positions of two-dimensional and three-dimensional (2D-3D) warnings of speeding during a walk in the city and also warns you of Camera surveillance and advantages of this application is that you can also select the favorite places near you like restaurants and things like this.

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