Saturday, July 19, 2014

Now we have 3G and 4G services on the planes

Good news for users of the plane of the French citizens, as it has been approved to allow the airlines to service the 3G and 4G on the planes in french, And after the approve decision that the regulatory authority for electronic communications and postal "ARCEP" announced. And which provides for the availability of 3G and 4G services in addition to the 2G service which has been available since 2008.

However, these services  comes with  following conditions  like minimum altitude of 3000 meters in addition to the ratio of 1800 Mhz frequencies for 2G and 4G, and here remains the biggest beneficiary is the telecommunications company "Bouygues" As for the 3G it requires 2100 Mhz frequency range and is offered by all companies French Connection.

As stated in the text of the law on each airline to choose the right service to them, and to start legal proceedings to do so.

Waiting to provide all planes with this wonderful service.

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